How to make easy & free Bitcoins

Looking for some easy ways to make bitcoins? If you don't know where to start it can be tough, so here is a list of some of the best places to start making your first bitcoins for free. Most of them are repeatable on a daily basis so you can get free money every day! Have a look below and try them all for maximum profit.

Site Description
Royal Bitcoin Royal bitcoin is your best bet if you want to make some bitcoins. It has an automated dice-esque betting system where you just send bitcoins to an address and get paid instantly if you win. Super easy to use and win with up to 95% winning odds.
cointicket How it works: A big amount of bitcoins is split to all tickets every day. The more tickets you get, the more bitcoins you'll receive. The best part, it's totally free.
CoinURL CoinURL is a site similar to in which you shorten your links using their url shortener and make bitcoins every time someone views your link. There's also a referral program available.
Bunny Run A really simple game where all you have to do is try to pick the fastest bunny at Bunny Run. You can bet nothing, and still win every time because even last place has a payout amount.
bitcoiner A simple site where you just get bitcoins for going to the site. There's a payout once per day with chances of getting bigger payouts every hour.
iWantFreeBitCoins With iWantFreeBitCoins you can complete offers and they'll give you BitCoins in return. They have the largest range of offers including surveys, facebook games, iphone games, android games and many more. A referral program is available.
CoinAd CoinAd is very simple: load the page and receive Bitcoins. Every time you reload the page, you get a chance of winning between .003 BTC and 1 BTC. You get one payout today, so your payout depends on how much you are willing to refresh the page. A referral program is available.
BitCrate An ad-based faucet with a twist... you choose the payout by randomly selecting a crate, which is assigned to a certain amount of Bitcoins. Currently the lowest payment is 0.001 BTC and the highest payment is 0.02 BTC. A referral program is available.
Daily Bitcoins This site is very simple. Simply load the page and you will earn Bitcoins. You get one payout a day, and every time you reload the page you get another chance at changing what that payout is. Prizes can range from small amounts (.0005 BTC) to large amounts (1 BTC), it all depends on how long you want to spend refreshing. A referral program is available.
Bitcoin Minefield Bitcoin Minefield is sort of like a luck-based Minesweeper with a betting payout. You choose how many mines are on the field and uncover as many safe spots on the field as possible. You can choose when you want a payout, however your payout will get larger and large for the more safe spots you find. A referral program is available.
Bitcoin Faucet This is a one-time deal, but login with your Gmail account and receive 0.005 BTC just like that! This site was created by Gavin Andreson, one of the main developers of the Bitcoin client.
Bitcoin darts Bitcoin Darts is one of the first betting games ever introduced to Bitcoin. Enter the Bitcoin address you want winnings sent to, and then send Bitcoins to the address you are assigned. A random hash is generated which corresponds to the x and y coordinates on the dart board, which then determines your payout (from 0% to 1000%.) A referral program is available.
BitLotto BitLotto is simple. Simply send an multiple of 0.25 BTC to the address 1BdTh4FtbkajrFjkv6jbLX8xQ11n1KfXDf and you are entered to win the lotto. BitLotto is anonymous, transparent, and cheat-proof, and pays out 99% of the entered funds. Winnings are often in the range of a high 200 BTC to a low 300 BTC.
Bitcoin Pyramid Bitcoin Pyramid is a little confusing to understand, but by signing up, you are added to a random payout machine. The most you can receive is however much money you have deposited plus .01 BTC. Payouts happen at .021 BTC, and they charge a payout fee of .001 BTC. When you deposit money, you are giving money to your sponsor (referral) and a random user.
Bitcoin Kamikaze This is another simple gambling game. Choose how much you would like to bet, and then guess which of five spots has a bomb in it. If you don't hit the bomb, you may continue to the next level or take your winnings. A referral program is available.
SatoshiDice SatoshiDice is a betting game, in which you send Bitcoins to one of the listed addresses (with win chances ranging from .0015% to 97.6563%), and if you win, you receive Bitcoins back based on the multiplier (ranging from 1.014x to 65000x.) CoinTube.TV is a website like youtube where you can watch videos except you get paid bitcoins every time you watching one. Payments daily with no limit on how many videos you can watch.
Bitcoin Gamer Bitcoin gamer is a gambling site featuring many different types of games to play, all the way from slots to darts with daily payouts.